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  1. Marketing Services
    We cover a range of marketing services
    Specialties: Sales Force Transformation • Results Driven Sales Management • Sales Metrics & Analytics • New Hire Sales Training • Veteran Sales Training • Sales Tool Standardization • Curriculum Creation • Sales Operations Program Development • Cross-Functional Collaboration • Strategy Development for Direct and Indirect Sales Models • Channel Development & Management
  2. Offshore Services
    US citizens must pay tax on ALL WORLDWIDE income.
    Offshore planning is a well-publicized method of asset protection. Offshore planning involves establishing legal entities in favorable foreign jurisdictions under the control of trustees who are neither United States citizens nor persons having a business presence in the United States. The purpose of offshore planning is to remove legal battles with creditors to jurisdictions beyond the reach of the United States courts. Offshore planning works, foremost, because certain offshore jurisdictions do not recognize judgments rendered by U.S. courts. In order for judgment creditors to reach assets located in such jurisdictions, a creditor must start over and reinstitute the lawsuit against the defendant to establish a new judgment in the foreign court system. The primary legal tool involved in offshore planning is the offshore asset protection trust. Simply stated, the offshore trust resembles a typical U.S. trust except that the offshore trust is a “self-settled trust” where the settlor and the beneficiary are one and the same. The trustee is a person nominated by the settlor and is either an individual who is not a U.S. citizen or a business with no U.S. offices or affiliation. Most often, an offshore asset protection trust will have additional people serving as trust advisors or trust protectors. These are individuals not under the settlor’s control who have certain powers in the administration and protection of the trust and its assets but who have no beneficial interest in trust property. In addition to asset protection benefits, offshore trusts provide a means of transferring assets between generations free of probate. Upon the death of a settlor, the trust usually provides that assets pass automatically to named successor beneficiaries. Offshore planning also provides investment flexibility because offshore trustees may make certain investments not permitted by trustees of domestic trusts.
  3. Management Services
    We manage all your assets keeping you in control.
    Gerentes Internacionales S.A. provides its services to high net worth individuals, institutions, pension and profit sharing plans, other pooled investment vehicles, charitable organizations, corporations or other businesses, and trusts. It manages separate client-focused portfolios.
  4. Other Services
    Gerentes Internacionales S.A. offer a miriad of other services
    Ship and yacht aquisition and management, including crewing. Based on your requirements for vessels from 20M to over 100M we can help you find, purchase, register and manage your yacht or any other type of ship. Aircraft (fixed and rotary wing) aquisition and aircrew recruitment. Our consultants have specialized knowledge of the aviation world and can locate the ideal aircraft for our clients' needs.
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